Instantly Connecting Available Salespeople

With Motivated Customers

Keller Williams Special Offer

In our on-demand world, salespeople want higher quality leads, consumers want faster service, and business leaders want better visibility & ROI.


Connect Now is the intelligent technology platform that delivers all three – by bringing professionals and consumers together instantly in real time, with full metrics transparency.

For Salespeople &

Team Leaders


Instantly deploy Connect Now on your website with our CNip IT plug-in!




Connect Now gives salespeople the power to begin conversations with motivated customers immediately, at the moment of intent.



Connect Now is the only software platform with the ability to instantly route leads to knowledgeable sales reps available to respond.



The platform tracks and provides easy dashboard access to lead location, sales rep response times and lead outcome metrics.



Connect Now creates a unique, highly engaging customer experience your site visitors will love.  You’ll love the qualified leads they become.

New Lead Alert to Sales

Intelligent Lead Routing


Convert higher quality leads by being able to respond to them the moment it is generated.

Plug & Play Website Enhancement


Connect Now’s CNip IT makes adding ConnectNow functionality to any website easy –
no API or coding needed.