Faster Lead Routing.
Better Customer Experience.
Improved Sales Flow.

Digital leads have a short life span. We help your sales team connect with consumers faster. The Connect Now lead routing system is designed to increase the quality of customer communication, decrease sales team response time and provide sales managers with the data they need to get the best return on investment for their marketing budget.

Invested In Your Success

Connect Now helps 5,000+ sales professionals worldwide turn digital leads into conversations and sales.

How We Help

75% of sales go to the agent who responds first, and most online leads go cold in just five minutes.  If you’re not responding in under a minute, you’re missing opportunities.

Connect Now enables immediate, personalized conversations between agents and consumers because agents now have lead qualification and follow up in the palm of their hands.
And because data is automatically pushed to your CRM, nurturing leads through to a closed transaction is easier and more measurable than ever before.

Connect Now's platform helps brokerages get more value from inbound leads

Key Features

Easy integration of all
your lead sources.

Instant lead qualification in
the palm of your hand.

Automated CRM data entry
so agents can spend more
time selling.

Engaging lead capture
pop-up for your website.

Respond to motivated buyers
and renters in seconds, and
stop their search.

Powerful insights into lead
generation ROI and team

Intelligent lead routing
based on complex waterfall
rules and availability.

Robust tracking from the
moment the lead is generated.

Pricing packages that
fit your needs.

Easy setup and 24/7 Support.


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