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Connect Now was founded by Stephanie Sullivan, a long-time Boston broker who understood the importance of quality real estate leads, but was frustrated that she couldn’t really see how agents responded to those leads.

Connect Now’s sales engagement technology sits between lead generators and CRMs to help brokerages get more value from inbound leads. Brokers use our intelligent routing and insights from our dashboard to drive higher marketing ROI and team performance, while agents use our mobile app to instantly qualify and connect to consumers at the critical moment of intent. It helps agents close more leads by enabling them to respond faster, and helps brokerages better manage their business by providing unprecedented visibility into agent response times and lead outcomes through integrated reporting and analytics.

Connect Now takes Stephanie’s 30 years of real estate experience and uses technology to improve conversion rates, response times, transparency, and the sales experience for both agents and consumers.

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5,000+ users around the globe
25,000+ leads routed to agents
19 second average time to claim a lead
Headquarters in Boston, MA
Helping real estate brokers since 2016

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