Current Openings

React Native Mobile App Developer

Connect Now is a sales enablement platform serving real estate, automotive, and SaaS companies in the US, Mexico, and Europe. Salespeople use our mobile app to capture and follow up with digital leads in real time. Business owners use our dashboard to gain insight into lead sources and follow up, and use our JS pop-up to capture digital leads. Our tech stack includes React Native, React, and Rails.

Connect Now is seeking a React Native Lead App Developer to join our small, collegial, angel-funded team with a growing customer roster. The developer should:

  • have at least two years of experience building React Native apps;
  • have deployed React Native apps to the App and Play stores;
  • be focused on creating quality code and have experience with Jest/Detox for automated testing;
  • communicate well with non-technical and technical team members;
  • be able to iterate quickly and work collaboratively.

Connect Now is an equal opportunity employer based in Boston, MA. Our entire team is currently working remote (during COVID times) but anticipate moving back to some in-person time after the pandemic is over. We offer excellent health benefits and paid vacation. If you are interested in this role, please submit a cover note along with your resume to rachael at connectnowinc dot com or apply here.