Get better leads in your hands faster

with the Connect Now™ CNip IT – Just Plug & Go!

Connect Now™ CNip IT is a few lines of code that you can use to create a call-to-action on your website that sends leads into the Connect Now platform… and if desired, also into a CRM or email address.


  • The CNip IT “Connect Now” call-to-action is triggered 10 seconds after a user arrives on a given page or your entire site if a salesperson is available.
  • A user can fill in his/her information and will then be connected with sales. Once a sales person claims the lead (within a 2-minute window), the user will get information about that salesperson through the snippet.
  • If the lead is not claimed in that time period, the user will get a message that they will hear from someone soon.
Self-Service Capabilities Include:


  1. Create a new company account in Connect Now
  2. Add salespeople/users to that company;
  3. Decide which salespeople get leads
  4. Enter their CRM info and/or an email address where they want lead info from Connect Now sent
  5. Choose a custom color for your CNip IT
  6. Generate custom code that you can drop in your website that will create a “Connect Now” call-to-action” when salespeople are available

Get Started Now!

You can get started using Connect Now on your website using CNip IT integration in just minutes. Just sign up and easily set it up yourself – no coding required. And start channelling leads to your available salespeople the moment they come in to deliver a better customer experience and close more leads.