DOSS and CurbCall Join Forces to Evolve Home Search & Home Services

New Tech Company Alliance Seeks to Transform the Way Consumers Connect with Real Estate Agents and Home Service Providers

BOSTON, MA, Sep. 1, 2016 — CurbCall ( today announced it has entered into a joint partnership with DOSS ( that will allow consumers to instantly connect in real time with real estate agents and home service providers via an artificial intelligence-enhanced DOSS search platform.

“We’re thrilled to be working with another technology pioneer in the real estate space,” said CurbCall CEO Stephanie Sullivan. “Working together, we hope to transform the industry to better serve real estate consumers and the professionals serving them.”

Under the terms of the deal, DOSS will employ CurbCall’s proprietary intelligent on-demand lead routing platform CurbCall Connect to enhance its revolutionary mobile-based real estate search platform. Consumers will be able to instantly connect with real estate agents and home service providers through voice activated request via the DOSS mobile application. Real Estate Agents and Service Providers will receive leads in real time through the DOSS mobile application. CurbCall Connect’s built-in administrative dashboard also provides the capability to track the flow of leads and agent response. More details on CurbCall Connect are available at

“Our mission is to deliver accurate, easy, and instant results to the Real Estate and Home Servicing space with the implementation of artificial intelligence technology,” said DOSS CEO Bobby Bryant, “so partnering with Curb Call strategically helps us accomplish our goals of getting Real Estate Agents and Service Providers quality leads!”

DOSS will also be providing the CurbCall Protect mobile safety app to all of their Real Estate Partner Agents. Touted as the easiest way for real estate agents to stay safer during home showings, CurbCall Protect features automatic alerts to let others know when an agent is on a showing or unexpectedly leaves the showing area, plus a panic button to request immediate help if they feel threatened. More info on CurbCall Protect is available at

“As a national search portal, we feel it’s an essential duty to do all we can to protect our Real Estate Partner Agents throughout the country while in the field,” said Bryant. “Serving our Partners’ best interest is a core value, and offering CurbCall Protect to help them stay safer is very important to us!”

About CurbCall

Founded by veteran real estate professionals, Boston-based Curb Call Inc. develops innovative technology for real estate agents. Its CurbCall Connect™ on-demand lead routing platform offers the built-in intelligence to instantly connect consumers with agents available to serve them now, plus reporting and analytics for accountability. Standalone smartphone app CurbCall Protect™ helps keep agents safer on home showing by providing automatic tracking and alerts. More info is available at

About DOSS

DOSS is on a mission to change the way the world searches for and services their home. Partnered and Powered by IBM Watson, the DOSS search portal provides an artificial intelligence voice-activated Real Estate and Home Servicing Advisor that will provide a superior experience for consumers, and an intelligent interactive Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents and Home Service Providers that helps them consolidate their support services, reduces their cost, increases their revenue, and save them time while doing it.

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Mason Wiley | CMO, Curbcall