Frequently Asked Questions

How does Connect Now capture leads?

When a potential customer visits your website, they will be presented with the Connect Now CNipIT, a lead capture popup .  The pop-up displays all salespeople who are available to answer their questions.  The pop-up can be minimized, but is always available as the customer navigates to different content on your website.  


When they want to speak to someone, the customer can then enter their name and phone number into the CNipIT and submit that information. All available agents will be notified on their phones through the Connect Now app that a new lead wants to connect. The fastest agent will claim the lead by texting or calling the lead. 


How is Connect Now better than other solutions?

Connect Now is a better solution because it allows your lead to INSTANTLY connect with an available salesperson, knowledgeable about the product they want…and start a conversation. Connect Now creates immediate, meaningful conversations that are more likely to create a sale for your company.


The customer gets the instant gratification they want, and the salesperson begins a conversation with a motivated buyer…the high quality lead they want.  And, in real-time, business owners get the full visibility into sales process they want, via our dashboards.

Connect Now Customer Experience

What is CNipIT and how do I implement it on my website?

When you sign up for the Connect Now CNipIT, a line of Javascript code is generated that is unique to your account. This code need only be placed in the header of your website by either our Support team, or your webmaster.  Getting started is as easy as 1…2…3!


Check out our Quick Start Guide for more info.


The CNipIT will appear and pop up upon a customers first visit after about 10 seconds. The CNipIT can be minimized, and will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen as you navigate the site. It can be opened at anytime by clicking on it. The CNipIT will only appear if there are salespeople that have swiped “available” in the Connect Now App.

How do salespeople see incoming leads?

When a lead enters and submits their information on the CNipIT, all available salespeople will receive a notification from the Connect Now app that there is an available lead. The first salesperson to claim the text/call the lead will claim the lead. All of this happens instantaneously.

Your salespeople can also manage their profile, review their lead history and other metrics dashboards right in the app as well.

How many salespeople (users) can I have?

There is no limit to the number of Salespeople that can be available. The CNipIT will display 6 photos (based first salespeople set to available) and “6+” if more than 6 salespeople are available.

How do leads feed my CRM?

Connect Now currently has CRM integration with Follow Up Boss, Wise Agent and Contactually, but we are adding more on a regular basis. Through a simple API call, we send all leads captured by the CNipIT to your CRM with the assigned salespeople information.


Contact us for more details on how our support can facilitate your CRM integration.

What info do the reporting dashboards contain?

The Connect Now CNipIT provides the broker/owner with a number of reports. Reports like Lead detail, salespeople activity overview, salespeople uptime and response rate, as well as others give a broker/owner unprecedented overview of who is using the CNipIT to its fullest capability.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is customized based on the volume of leads your website generates.  Pay only for what you use.  Because our customers’ website traffic varies so widely, speak to one of our representatives to see the best option for your business.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide a number of support options for the Connect Now website CNipIT and mobile app:


  • You can reach a support associate via email.
  • A live chat option is available during business hours (M-F 9AM-5PM EST) at our Support Portal.
  • Support is also reachable by phone (business hours) at 1-844-675-0900 option 2.
  • You can also access our robust online support document library anytime by going here.

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