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04 Nov Home Showing Safety App for Real Estate Agents adds 9-1-1 Connectivity

RapidSOS and CurbCall Partner To Provide Instant Access To Emergency Services For Real Estate Agents through safety app CurbCall Protect™


CurbCall (curbcall.com) and RapidSOS (rapidsos.com) today announced a strategic partnership to integrate RapidSOS emergency technology into CurbCall Protect™. When real estate agents press the panic button on CurbCall Protect™, or when they unexpectedly leave the showing radius, RapidSOS and emergency contacts are notified. RapidSOS will then call the agent and give them the option to connect to 9-1-1 with the tap of a button. The agent’s precise location and identity are automatically transmitted to 9-1-1, ensuring that help will be able to get to the showing quickly.

“By partnering with RapidSOS, we are ensuring that agents will be able to get access to help in an emergency,” said CurbCall CEO Stephanie Sullivan. “We are beyond excited to integrate this technology into CurbCall Protect™ and make showings safer for brokers nationwide.”
RapidSOS’ proprietary technology connects users to 9-1-1 and automatically transmits their location — the first piece of information that 9-1-1 asks for when a call is initiated. By directly transmitting location data to 9-1-1, agents will never again have to worry if they will be able to reach help when they need it.


“No one should have to worry about their personal safety when they are doing their job,” said Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS. “That’s why we are thrilled to be partnering with CurbCall to provide brokers with discreet access to help if there is an emergency.”

Real estate professionals will have access to CurbCall and RapidSOS emergency services through a strategic partnership with zipLogix™, creators of zipForm®. CurbCall and zipLogix™ partnered earlier this year to offer zipLogix™ customers a solution providing real estate professionals with practical safety measures for their protection during home showings.
RapidSOS technology will be integrated into the CurbCall Protect™ Android app in December 2016 and into the iOS app in January 2017.

About CurbCall

Founded by veteran real estate professionals, Boston-based Curb Call Inc. develops innovative technology for real estate agents. Its CurbCall Connect™ on-demand lead routing platform offers the built-in intelligence to instantly connect consumers with agents available to serve them now, plus reporting and analytics for accountability. Standalone smartphone app CurbCall Protect™ helps keep agents safer on home showing by providing automatic tracking and alerts.

More info is available at curbcall.com

About RapidSOS

RapidSOS was formed in 2012 by a team of MIT/Harvard/Stanford grad students who had personal experiences with the challenges of the existing emergency communication infrastructure. Working closely with the 9-1-1 community, top tech and telecom companies, and leading investors, RapidSOS is developing technology to predict and preempt emergencies before they occur, dynamically warn people in harm’s way, and ensure that first responders are one touch away globally.

Learn more at rapidsos.com