Respond Faster to Motivated Buyers
and Sell More


Connect Now™ is an intelligent real-time lead routing platform that enables instant connections between consumers motivated enough to want to speak with an salesperson and salespeople who are available to respond “Right Now!”



Connect Now delivers higher quality leads and empowers faster response to improve chance to close them.



At last get full visibility into sales lead response so you can manage your team and lead spend for higher ROI.



Connect Now enables you to differentiate yourself by enhancing value for salespeople & team leaders.



With Connect Now, consumers get the instant response they expect for an improved customer experience.

Gain Unprecedented Visibility into Lead Response

Businesses like your spend good money on leads, but haven’t been able to see how well they are followed up…if at all. No more. Connect Now captures all metrics around incoming leads and sales response so business leaders can better manage their lead spend and their teams.


Via the Connect Now company dashboard, admins will be able to see:


  • The salespeople in their company using Connect Now
  • Sales rep’s level of “uptime”
  • # of lead requests received by each salesperson and company overall
  • Number of leads claimed or missed by each salesperson
  • Geographical location for each lead
  • Lead response time by lead and by salesperson
  • How the lead was responded to – call, text or email
  • Detailed lead info and status

Here’s How It Works

CN App - Available and unclaimed on phone 252x448

Indicate when you’re available to respond to leads, simply by swiping the Connect Now app to go “Available”. It works in the background so you can close the screen and use your phone for other things.

CN App - Lead card on phone 252x448

If you are swiped in as “available” and in the coverage area for a lead request when it comes in, you’ll get an alert through the Connect Now app. It’s up to you to choose whether or not to accept it.

CN App - Lead History on phone 252x448a

Use the provided links to text or phone the consumer from inside the app to accept the consumer request to connect and “claim” the lead.


Faster Response = More Business

Everyone knows that responding to inbound leads as fast as possible is important –
but you may not understand how important it is. Just check the following stats:

The odds of reaching a lead by phone drops by 100X in the first 30 minutes!
Calling a lead within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes increases the chances of converting that lead by 21X.
70% of consumers will work with the first agent they connect with and meet face-to-face.

SOURCES: REALTOR® Web Response Time Statistics Summary, and “3 Reasons Why Response Time Matters,” Agentology

How to Get Connect Now™

Connect Now is available right now through our integrated lead partners – and can easily be added to any website or available through any lead provider that chooses to offer it. Our new CNipIT plugin makes integration fast and easy – with no coding or API integration needed.


And unlike some lead generation or routing services that charge a percentage of commission, Connect Now is available at a low monthly fee per user subscribed.