Why Connect Now - Connect Now

Connect Now™ solves the fundamental “disconnect” within the real estate industry

Everyone knows the problem with leads – and it’s because the digital transformation of the real estate industry has only gone halfway. While front-end listings are now entirely online and over 90% of buyers search there, the back-end where those online consumers get connected to agents has yet to be optimized, automated and accelerated.

Despite the well-proven fact that lead quality deteriorates as response time increases, consumers currently endure an average 15+ hour response to their inquiries (approximately half of all inquiries get no response at all). No wonder agents complain about the poor quality of leads generated online!

Connect Now solves the problem by instantly delivering leads in real time to agents available to respond – and it includes a built-in safety app to help keep agents safer when an in-person connection is made.



Agents are able to provide immediate response so they can close more business to increase their revenue and be safer when they met with new prospects.



With full metrics tracking through the platform, brokerages get unprecedented visibility into lead and agent performance.



consumers enjoy immediate gratification which makes for a better customer experience and higher perception of service.

Just 3 Reasons Why Connect Now™ Leads Beat Ordinary Leads


  • Consumers use Connect Now to speak to an agent RIGHT NOW, so you can assume most are serious. Web forms, on the other hand are so easy to fill out that you get lots of looky-loo’s.
  • Leads delivered by email, phone or text can come at an inopportune time and sit for hours or even days before the agent gets the chance to see and respond. Connect Now leads are routed only to available agents for instant delivery.
  • Call center lead routing services claim to vet and route leads fast, but they need to dial to find agents so in practice are delayed – plus they charge a hefty percentage of agent commission vs. Connect Now’s low monthly per-agent fee.
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