zipLogix™ and CurbCall Release New Safety Guide for Real Estate Agents

Guide provides safety tips and best practices for real estate professionals during home showings

FRASER, Mich., Aug. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Inman Connect 2016 — Real estate professionals now have access to helpful safety tips and tools with the newly released Guide to Safer Showings, thanks to a partnership between zipLogix™ and CurbCall®.

The two companies partnered earlier this year to offer zipLogix™ customers a solution providing real estate professionals with practical safety measures for their protection during home showings. The free, downloadable guide includes a checklist of pre-showing safety guidelines, risk prevention tips, new safety technologies and emergency procedures.


“We think it’s so important that all agents and brokers have the tools and technologies to help them stay safer,” said CurbCall CEO Stephanie Sullivan. “We are incredibly grateful to zipLogix™ for helping us get the message out to accomplish this important mission.”

“According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics, more than half of real estate agents in the U.S. are not aware of a standard safety procedure,” said zipLogix™ Chairman of the Board Mark Peterson. “With the release of this guide, our customers can become better educated on simple measures that will increase their safety.”

“Education is only one part of our partnership with CurbCall,” said Petersen. “Offering our customers access to the CurbCall Protect solution at an exclusive rate enables them to feel safer and more secure during showings.”

zipLogix™ and CurbCall are currently offering exclusive access to a two week trial for CurbCall Protect. To take advantage of this limited time offer and experience the benefits of safer showings, visit, there you can download the Safety guide and sign up for the two week trial. For more information on zipLogix™ products and partnerships, visit

"The Guide to Safer Showings" offers valuable tips and guidelines agents can use to help stay safer. Click the picture to download!

“The Guide to Safer Showings” offers valuable tips and guidelines agents can use to help stay safer. Click the picture to download!


About zipLogix™

Fraser, Mich.-based zipLogix™ is a technology company created by, owned by and working for real estate professionals to improve productivity and efficiency industry wide. Its software automates and simplifies the repetitive and complex steps of real estate transactions, and is used by more than 650,000 REALTORS® across the country.

About CurbCall®

Founded by veteran real estate professionals, Boston-based Curb Call Inc. develops innovative technology for real estate agents. Its CurbCall Connect™ on-demand lead routing platform offers the built-in intelligence to instantly connect consumers with agents available to serve them now, plus reporting and analytics for accountability. Standalone smartphone app CurbCall Protect™ helps keep agents safer on home showing by providing automatic tracking and alerts. More info is available at